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So at The Inn, Manchester's most infamous bar...

It's Wednesday night, after the flaming pyre that passed for Nate's funeral. Jen goes to afternoon classes eventually, her arm bandaged neatly where she'd cut it, dressed in her oversized black sweatshirt and jeans. And she makes no secret of her intent to go and get "completely f*ing trashed", if anyone asks. So I hear Liz and Leynia were going to accompany her, or at least find her there.
By the time anyone finds her she's sitting in the corner booth with a "don't touch me" look on her face, a small semicircle of empty shot glasses in front of her, staring into another of what looks like rum.
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To:,,, jarobinson@man


Hey guys. I need to know something from each of you. I need you all to look inside yourselves and decide if you like what you're turning into. When I look inside myself, I don't like what I've become. I should be nurturing life, all life, not running around with blatant disreguard for it. We've been ignoring lives. Human lives. How does that make us any better than the people we're trying to stop? I know I may be sounding whiny to some of you, but I just needed to let you all know how I feel. As much as I hate to admit it to myself, I've come to depend on you as friends. I've tried so hard to put up these walls of ice and keep people out, but you're all slowly melting them away. If we could get together and talk, I would be most appriciative.

I love you all,
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After the soccer field...

Jen doesn't say anything more to Joseph, or to the others. She leaves as soon as it's been established that the group is going to go after The Girl, and heads back to a nice safe corner in the library, where nobody but Case/Mute or someone scanning for mages is likely to be able to find her. She'll jack Neverland into her wireless (I believe I was told she could boost the signal out across most of campus) and start looking for Liz's ex. Once she finds where he is, she's going to go looking for ways to peek in on him, so to speak, and find out what he's been doing.
She's also going to look up information on Adrian's parents, as much as she can find, trying to narrow down which one and what possible motive they might have.

I figure she has several hours before Nate and Jonah get into town, so here:
Two sets of die rolls, unless you think I need to accumulate, O GMCollapse )
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To: The Fashion Cabal

From: Jen-ko (
Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Subj: Friday night...

All -
Won't be able to go out Friday night (if J&J are even back from wherever the hell they went) as Daddy just -has- to fly me to Berlin for a weekend and let me pick out my birthday present, so I have to be in Indy Friday evening. If you want anything while I'm there, let me know :)
Auf Wiederschen!

And I know what Leynia's response to this was, and Jax and Joseph won't see it until Friday the 21st, when they get back from Boston. But I thought I'd send it anyway :)